Separate to, and in addition to, the ticket-inclusive travel packages, for the first time ever, The Lions are holding a ticket ballot for the Test matches in South Africa. Everyone can enter; and this is how it works:

There will be a limited number of tickets available for all three Tests and a maximum of two tickets per person and for one Test match only. You are free to enter the ballot and lucky fans will be informed later this year.

To enter the ballot, check out Lions Rugby to register.


All Lions fans are free to enter the ballot, it’s open to everyone.

If you are successful in the ballot after purchasing one or more travel packages, you then qualify for our Ballot Promise. This gives you the option to receive a refund on your entire travel package(s), or a refund of the ticket face values for the same fixture you were successful with in the ballot that are included in the package.

Your ticket-inclusive travel package needs to have been purchased before the ballot results are known. You will need to purchase your package before 30 September 2020 to be eligible if you are subsequently lucky in the ticket ballot.

We have created an example about how the ballot promise would work below, after you have bought your package with us:

An Example:

Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr and Mrs Jones are lifelong Lions fans who book a travel package for all three Test matches.

They would like to guarantee the Tour they want and they both enter the ticket ballot.

In the ballot, Mr Smith is successful and gets two tickets for the first Test.  They are the same category to the ones included in his travel package purchased with us.

We can simply refund the face value of the tickets for the first Test that were included in the travel package, and all other parts of their ticket-inclusive package remain in place, Mr and Mrs Smith are sat with Mr and Mrs Jones for all three test matches.

They can then look forward to enjoying the amazing Lions events that are included in the travel package, and have all of their flights, hotels and transport looked after.